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Instructional Interactions Survey

 The Instructional Interactions Survey focuses on sources of leadership for mathematics and language arts instructions in elementary schools. The survey asks questions about instructional practices, classroom strategies, beliefs and attitudes about teaching and learning in general and for mathematics in particular. Additionally, survey respondents are asked to provide information on their professional interactions including naming their closest colleagues and to whom they have turned for advice or information regarding classroom teaching.



Principal Experience Sampling Method (ESM) Log

The goal of the ESM log is to determine the activity of the participants at a specific moment in time with a series of signals. Using handheld computers (PDA), participants are beeped at randomly selected times throughout the workday alerting them to fill out a brief questionnaire programmed on the PDA. The questionnaire asks participants to document the type of administrative or curricular activity in which they are currently engaged. 

Click here to view the Experience Sampling Method Log



Instructional Leadership Daily Practice Log

The goal of the Instructional Leadership Daily Practice Log is to document some of the interactions that influence the knowledge, practice and motivation of instructional leaders and school staff. Administrators and teachers are asked to complete the log to capture the nature of their interactions. Each day participants are asked to log one interaction per hour that they had with a colleague, group or resource that influenced their knowledge, practice or motivation or that was intended to influence the knowledge, practice or motivation of a colleague. Participants are also asked to note what prompted the interaction, who was involved, how it took place, what transpired, and the academic area it pertained to. Revision and validation of this instrument is ongoing.

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End of Day (EOD) Log

The EOD log is a web-based self-administered instrument that captures how school leaders allocate their time across nine leadership domains: building operations, finances, community or parent relations, school district functions, student affairs, personnel issues, planning/setting goals, instructional leadership, and professional growth. Using a calendar interface, school leaders report how much time they spent on each domain during each hour of the school day between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Similar to time allocation diaries in other fields, the EOD log collected additional contextual information about leaders’ time allocation by capturing with whom they were working during reported hour blocks.

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